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About Us

We believe in different; we believe in extraordinary, and of course the quality!

At Kindle Me, we didn’t want to be just an ordinary candle company rather a business with individuality and character.

A true business doesn’t thrive by favouring money over its customer satisfaction. That is why we wanted to deliver candles that are unconventional in its size and vessel. We wanted to sell our babies that are unlike anything in the market.

Now come on! Give our candles that ‘Woooahh’ 🙂


Our Stories

I am sure you are interested in knowing who is the person working behind the scenes, right?

Well let’s not keep you waiting.

Hey, I’m Nusrat!

Yes, it is me, who is tirelessly working day and night to produce a candle that is unlike any other. I used to make candles for my daughter back in 2018 and since then it became my passion. Then a major life changing event occurred when my ability to become a successful businesswoman was questioned. Since that day, I took on the challenge to turn my passion into a business to prove “I can be, whatever I seek to be! A successful entrepreneur!”

Ever since then, I am striving hard at my Melbourne based business to finesse my candles. In every hand pour of the soy candle lies my passion, determination, and hard work – Also add love to the list too!  


Candles made with care

We know how easy it is for a robot to make a candle, but things done the quickest way is not necessarily the greatest.

The love found in handmade items are unmatched by technology, and therefore at Kindle Me we refuse to trust a machine for our production. We give care and attention to each of our candle making sure its is just perfect!

At the heart of Kindle Me, lies a great consideration for the welfare of our precious environment. That is why all our candles are made with a natural soy wax, 100% organic cotton wick and bespoke oils for an enduring, fragrant burn. We believe in doing business the ethical way.

Our candles are also cruelty free, non-toxic and contains no paraffin, parable, or synthetic colours.

Our Commitment

At Kindle Me, we are proud to create attractive products that have distinct aromas. Our dedicated team of fragrance manufacturers, producers, and technicians evaluate and refines our goods to guarantee they meet the most stringent requirements. If you want to share something with us, do not hesitate and feel free to contact us. We want to hear your comments.

Our Products

Our products We provide Melbourne's most fragrant candles to help create different moods in your home. These are spread over many areas to reflect your home's particular mood, ambiance, season, or ambiance. Browse around; we are sure you will find everything for your needs. Our portfolio now includes many relaxing aromas, including Very Vanilla, Juicy Watermelon, Lavender, Wild Frangipani, 1 million types, Gardenia, etc. We also sometimes provide limited edition candles, so make sure to keep an eye on our new releases.


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Best scented candles that'll fill your home with luxurious smells


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Environment safe

Our eco friendly candles are far better for the environment and our customer's health


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Should the product be faulty or defective on arrival, we make it super easy to return

Natural aroma

Our candles are infused with premium quality fragrance oils providing a more subtle aromatic experience

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